Amala nursing school

School Of Nursing

The Amala School of Nursing, a constituent unit of Amala Multi Speciality Hospitals, was inaugurated with a total commitment to patient care. It has got a dedicated three storied building of its own with excellent faculties and well equipped laboratories and library. The school is recognized by the Kerala Nurses’ and midwives’ council and the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

To improve the support services, the hospital is running school of nursing and is ranked as leading among the nursing Schools in the district.

Our Goals:

1. Build and maintain academic programs that have local, regional, and national recognition.
2. Foster an environment that is mutually respectful and attracts diverse students, staff, and faculty.
3. Provide the resources necessary to increase student success.
4. Expand revenue sources that support academic and research excellence.
5. Collaborate with community partners to meet their goals and enhance the School’s educational programs.


The Amala School Of Nursing has extensive educational facilities on the campus combined with the health care educational facilities and main office on the campus. These include libraries, resource centres, audio-visual resources, data processing and science information specialists.

Teaching methodology:

The course offers both theory and practical sessions as per the INC ordinance. The classes will be handled by well-trained and experienced teachers. More emphasis will be given for self-development independent work through various teaching methods and utilizing the recent educational technology.

Hostel Facilities:

We provide hostel for staff and students. Hostel for girls are provided with good food and accommodation. Wardens and housekeepers maintain homely care and discipline. Recreational facilities such as television and facilities for indoor games are provided.

Our Mission
-To prepare the nursing and other health professional workforce as leaders in improving health outcomes through inter-professional practice, research, and education
-To create diverse and dynamic campus and virtual learning communities.
-To implement established and innovative teaching strategies that enhance student success.
-To improve health outcomes/health care delivery and nursing education focusing on urban health and the underserved through excellence in selected research and scholarly endeavours.
-To lead in translational research that establishes standards of care and positively impacts the quality of healthcare
-To participate in governance of the school, campus, university, community, and professional organizations.
-To serve as leaders in healthcare by sharing expertise with local, regional, national, and global communities.
-To excel in the delivery and improvement of health care to diverse populations including urban, rural, and under-served areas.

Amala strives to provide a high standard
Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, & Excellence.
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